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E-Newsletter, Q4-2015

January 2016


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We are pleased to share with you the latest news through the fourth edition of our e-Newsletter. 

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FIAA Board meets with EU Ambassadors and Head of EU Delegation in Albania

In December 2nd, FIAA Board of Directors was invited by the Head of EU Delegation for a presentation session with EU Ambassadors in Albania. During the Meeting there were raised and discussed most of the current hot issues the businesses are facing. Several Ambassadors got informed on the most critical ... Read more

Meeting with Swiss Business Community in Albania

The Ambassador of Switzerland in Albania, Mr Christoph Graf hosted in October 2015 a business event with FIAA Representatives and the present Swiss Business Community in Albania. The meeting aimed the presentation of the Association to the Swiss Businesses not only for the purpose of the Networking opportunities ...Read more

Seminar on Business Environment Index and Law impact assessment in Albania

In the frame of the cooperation with Business Alliance of Slovakia on the Project, “Improving Business Environment in Albania”, in November 24th FIAA organized a Seminar on the results of the 3 Quarters of 2015. The Seminar’s purpose ... Read more

Presentation of ENEF Financing Instruments in ALBANIA

FIAA and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Albania held a Business Networking Event where EBRD presented its financing instruments in Albania with particular focus on ENEF (Enterprise Expansion Fund), an equity and quasi equity fund active in ... Read more

Information Session on Support to harmonization of economic and trade legislation with EU acquis

The members of the European Integration Committee of FIAA in cooperation with the German Government Project – GIZ, held an information session on Support to harmonization of economic and trade legislation with EU acquis. The objective of this Event was informing the Members of the ... Read more

FIAA produces dedicated promotional brochures on Agro processing, Tourism and BPO sectors in Albania

Three dedicated Promotional Brochures are produced by FIAA and will serve as good tools to attract international investors who are interested to know on Albanian potentials in the sectors of Agro-processing, Tourism and Business Process Outsourcing. The Brochures will be disseminated to all Embassies in... Read more

Presentation of European Commission's Albania 2015 Report

The European Delegation in Tirana published on 10th of November “ALBANIA 2015 REPORT”. The Report describes relations between Albania and EU, analyses situation in terms of political and economic criteria for membership and reviews the country capacity to gradually align legislation and policies ...Read more

Presentation of EBRD Transition Report 2015-2016

The Bank of Albania and the EBRD launched in December 17th the EBRD Transition Report 2015-16, which is the EBRD’s annual update on reform progress and economic developments across 36 countries from Central Europe to Central Asia and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean ... Read more

Consultative Meeting with the Minister of Justice on “Administrative Courts Efficiency towards Private Entrepreneurship and Business”

The Minister of Justice, Mr. Ylli Manjani called the main Heads of the Administrative Courts in Albania and the representatives of Business Community for a face-to-face discussion on the difficulties and barriers that business is having in the Administrative Courts System. The main line of discussion with ... Read more

PwC celebrated 10th anniversary in Albania

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit sh.p.k) is present in Albania since 2005. The company is part of the PwC global network of firms - the world's leading professional services organization, drawing on the knowledge and skills of more than 208,000 people in 157 countries. 

For more information about PWC please visit:

Porsche Albania celebrated 10th anniversary in Albania

Porsche Albania, a direct investment from Porsche Holding Salzburg, celebrated in November 2015 its first decade of operation in Albania. Volkswagen and Audi showroom are among the latest investment of Porsche Albania.

For more information please visit:

ANTEA presents first audited Corporate Responsibility Report

ANTEA Cement, part of TITAN Group, presented in December 2015 the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report for the year 2014. This report is a global tradition for large corporations but in Albania, this is the first audited Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report. The report has identified the financial, environmental, social performance and governance of the company for the year 2014. 

For more information please visit:

BKT celebrates its 90th anniversary with “The best Bank in Albania” award received for the sixth time by "The Banker"

Banka Kombëtare Tregtare has been selected as "The Bank of the Year in Albania for 2015 by "The Banker", which is published by Financial Times. One of the most prestigious financial magazines, “The Banker” annually nominates the best banks in the world. 

For more information please visit:

Raiffeisen Leasing purchases Tirana Leasing portfolio

Raiffeisen Leasing sh.a has finalized the Sale and Transfer agreement of portfolio purchasing of Tirana Leasing sh.a, part of Pireus Group. This process was announced almost a year ago and was successfully completed on November 2015.

For more information please visit:


Interview with Mr. Gent SEJKO – Governor, Bank of Albania

“The BoA expects Albania’s growth trend to continue in 2016”

Interview with Mr. Christoph DENK – Head, EBRD in Albania

“EBRD plans further support for foreign investors in 2016”

Business Environment Index, Albania 2015

BEI is the Business Environment Index which makes quarterly monitoring of changes in business environment in Albania through regular structured surveys among entrepreneurs to identify major trends and business barriers as well as monitor their development in time to set the mirror for policymakers. BEI is an initiative financed by Slovak AID - Official Development Assistance of the Slovak Republic and is being implemented by Business Alliance of Slovakia in cooperation with Foreign Investors Association of Albania. If interested to have more information on BEI please contact us!


DELEK Group to invest in oil and gas sector, tourism and agriculture

Following the Prime Minister’s Rama visit to Israel, the PM office announced that Israeli companies will invest in the water management sector, oil and gas sectors, tourism and agriculture sectors. During 2016, the biggest Israeli investing group .... Read more

American Investment Bank in Albania, the newest second tier bank

After the approval of the purchase of the Credit Agricole Bank from American Bank of Investment, the Governor of the Bank of Albania Mr. Gent Sejko licensed officially ABI- American Investment Bank, during a special ceremony in December 2015.  ... Read more

New FIAA members

Manifacture Italiana Sh.p.k


Mott MacDonald Limited


Membership to FIAA is open to all Foreign Investors, Representative companies and International Organizations working in Albania.


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