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E-Newsletter, Q2-2015

July 2015

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Dear Reader!

FIAA has recently celebrated the 15th Anniversary of its creation. Foreign Business Community members and the Highest Representatives of the Albanian Government were gathered in a special place and a friendly atmosphere. On this occasion, the Members who have trusted FIAA for 15 years, were given special Awards in the presence of the Prime Minister of Albania. 

FIAA Celebrates 15th AnniversaryFIAA Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The awarded businesses who have accompanied FIAA throughout its Journey are Albanian American Enterprise Fund, Coca Cola Bottling Shqiperia, Fushe Kruje Cement Factory, Vodafone Albania, Deloitte Albania, KPMG Albania, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Tirana Bank, Procredit Bank and Boga Associates. 

Special thanks go to the Sponsors of the 15th Anniversary Event: First Investment Bank,  Bankers Petroleum Albania and INTERSIG- Vienna Insurance Group.

Thank you for your continuous trust!


A Regional Conference on “Combating Shadow Economy” 

 The shadow economy is recognized as one of the biggest challenges for economic growth in Southeast Europe. The conference aimed to create a platform for cooperation to suppress shadow economy and establish the mechanism in the form of regular annual meetings between.... Read more

FIAA’s newest Initiative to promote Albanian Potentials

“Attracting FDI-s in Agro processing, Tourism and ICT” FIAA and RISI Albania organized the Launching Conference of a Joint Initiative on “Attracting Foreign Investments in Agro-processing, Tourism and ICT Sectors”. This initiative is a joint cooperation between .... Read more

FIAA coordinates the visit of INTPOW Delegation in Albania 

INTPOW, a networking organization in Norway founded to promote cooperation between Norwegian and foreign players in the renewable energy industry in June 3rd made a business visit to Albania to get informed on the new business opportunities in the Renewable Energy .

Part of the agenda, was a Meeting with the Minister of Energy and.... Read more

Law  for “Strategic Investments” calls for Albania

The New Law for Strategic Investments was recently discussed with the stakeholders and approved. As stressed by Minister Ahmetaj during the session of the Economy Parliamentary Commission, the new law is expected to increase investments in the mining sector, transport, tourism and agriculture.... Read more

Technical Economic Development Areas now launched in Albania

The Government of Albania (GOA) has taken good steps to creating new Technical and Economic Development Areas (TEDAs), considering this a highly effective and competitive instrument for promoting domestic investment and attract .... Read more

TAP Begins Construction of Access Roads and Bridges in Albania

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) on July3rd, 2015 has announced the start of construction and rehabilitation work on access roads and bridges along the pipeline’s route in Albania. 

The occasion was marked by an inauguration ceremony near the town of Çorovoda, attended by the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, Minister of Energy and Industry Damian Gjiknuri, and TAP Managing Director Ian Bradshaw.

Find more about TAP at:

Vodafone M-Pesa - mobile money service that has transformed the lives of millions of people launched in Albania

Electronic Money Institution Vodafone M-Pesa sh.p.k. is the first company in the market to introduce mobile money and set standards for this by leveraging mobile technology to extend access to financial services for large segments of unbanked people in Albania.

Find more about M-pesa at:

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania

Support for the innovation in agribusiness, greenhouses, a great potential to be exploited!

The CEO, Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi emphasized that Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania by following closely the local economic development and being close to the needs of the farmers, has created customized products for the agribusiness and for greenhouses in particular, being also that their productivity is 4-5 times higher than the traditional forms of cultivation. 

Find more about this article at:

Societe Generale Albania Bank and Aleat collaborate together​

Societe Generale Albania Bank and Aleat collaborate together to increase the quality and Security of the services of Societe General Albania Bank toward the citizens through secure digital authentication and electronic Signature.

Find more about this article at:

Tirana Business Park Grand Opening 

Tirana Business Park celebrated on June 30th the Grand Opening of the first construction phase of Lindner Group newest investment in Albania

Find more about this article at:


Interview with Mr. Damian Gjiknuri - Minister of Energy and Industry in Albania

"Albania still holds the greatest potential in oil, gas and electricity and necessary reforms are being conducted".

Interview with Mr. Adamantios Frantzis, GM of ANTEA Cement

“The best path that the government has to pursue is to align this legislation to the EU Acquis”.

Business Environment 2015 Survey

 Being in an era of different undertaken economic reforms, during March –April 2015, FIAA conducted the “Business Environment” survey in cooperation with members of the association as well as other partners (such as Foreign Embassies and Chambers of Commerce) consisting in 91 successful face to face Interviews.The main focus was on gathering feedback and.... Read more

New FIAA members

IDS- Intercom Data Service

GFI Albania

Local Eyes Albania

Membership to FIAA is open to all Foreign Investors, Representative companies and International Organizations working in Albania.


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