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E-Newsletter, Issue 2

June 2017


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We are pleased to share with you the 2nd edition of 2017 FIAA  e-Newsletter. 

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TAP Project holds a presentation at the FIAA First Business Networking Event

In frame of the promotion of foreign investments in the country, FIAA organized a Business Networking Event which had in its focus the Project presentation of Trans Adriatic Pipeline – TAP. The Chairman of FIAA, Mr. Pedrazzi during his opening word expressed that: “I think FIAA, in fulfilling its mission has also the obligation to bring to public attention, the success of businesses and the achievements of its members. In TAP’s case, I should emphasize not only the grandeur of this work ...Read more

Transit –Tirana Farm Days

"EU Transit, Tirana Farm" is a Fancy Event hold on May 19th-20th, which aimed at the promotion of the Albanian products to the invited Entrepreneurs from European Enterprise Network and was organized under the care of the Municipality of Tirana and Ministry of Economy. In the framework of the cooperation that FIAA has with Risi Albania Project, it has been given support to the Business Forum Session of this event along with the presentation of several successful business cases in agro processing sector. ...Read more

Meeting with EITI International Validation Team Experts

In the framework of the cooperation among FIAA Committee of Mining, Oil and Gas Members and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Albania, the FIAA Members have been very active in response to the implementation of the International EITI Standards in the country. Being part of the-Institutional Working Group, they have been part of the steering and co-coordinating structure for the EITI issues in Albania. ... Read more

Albania- Hungary Economic Forum

Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), in cooperation with the Hungarian Embassy in Tirana and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce organized the Albania - Hungary Economic Forum. This forum aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries, enhancing partnership and exchange of experiences between businesses. The event was attended by 20 Hungarian companies that have expressed interest in partnering with Albanian companies and look closely at opportunities to invest in Albania. Present at the event were Minister of State for Economic Diplomacy Hungarian and Deputy / Minister of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship as well as the AIDA Executive Director, Mr. Gent Beqiri, as well as other senior representatives of the Hungarian business chambers and companies.

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EBRD Law in Transition Journal 2017' focus on Improving the Business Climate through Investment Councils

The issue of Law in Transition Journal focuses on promoting sustainable market economies through commercial law reform. In particular, it considers how EBRD legal experts are helping to improve the investment climate and combat corruption in the Bank’s countries of operations. The EBRD 's Legal Transition Programme aims to create a better and more predictable legal environment for investment in the Bank's countries of operations. This issue, also notes that in recent years, Investment Councils have supported the creation of business enabling environments by promoting better diagnosis of investment climate problems and improved policy design and by strengthening the position of reformers within governments. The Albanian Investment Council stands for the most useful Platform in the Country which leads to real improvements in the dialogue between the private sector and the state authorities.

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The Agenda of the Albanian Investment Council Meeting focuses on Facilitation of Customs Procedures

The topic of the 10th Investment Council meeting held on May 10th, was ‘On the facilitation of customs procedures,’ also in the framework of the new Code of Customs which fully enters into force in June 2017. This Meeting was supported by huge work done through technical consultation meetings with experts based on the analysis of main documents on the progress of the customs procedures, along with the consultations held with the business community. The raised problems, were mainly related to the uneven implementation of the reference prices, tariff classification, the efficiency of physical inspections, etc. In the meeting, the Secretariat presented the main findings on the subject, based on the analysis it had performed in close collaboration with the General Customs Directorate, businesses, and other pertinent stakeholders.

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8th Infocom World Albania 2017

"The Leading Path to Innovation" inspired the 8th Infocom World Albania Conference which is held annually in Tirana and strongly supported by the most prominent companies in Albania in the ICT Industry and leaded by Intracom Telecom Albania-The Leading ICT Integrator. With a great attendance, this year’s agenda was focused in e-Services and Innovative Business Solutions. Being that the transformation of the physical products to service products has been enabled and hasten by electronic networks since the beginning of the 90’s, for firms to garner long-term customer relationships they must take full advantage of the e-service opportunities that these electronic networks can offer.

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Interview with Mrs. Diana Leka – Head of Albanian Investment Council Secretariat

As a small economy, although quite strategically located, stability remains crucial at all aspects, but more specifically as relates to laws and institutions

Safe-guarding protected areas

“KALO & ASSOCIATES informed its business partners and any other interested parties that Tirana First Instance Administrative Court affirmed the legal right of local inhabitants and NGOs to bring a lawsuit challenging the decisions of public authorities having a negative impact on the environment. Kalo & Associates has undertaken commitments as one of the 5 founding members of Albanian CSR Network (VODAFONE, TITAN, INTRACOM and BKT being the other 4 founders), therefore accepted the engagement as legal counsel by the environmental NGO (TOKA) and the local inhabitants, to put best professional efforts and adopt the necessary legal remedies to stop the construction of two hydropower plants in the Albanian National Park of Valbona Valley (an area protected by law due to its biodiversity).

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SIGAL Uniqa Group Austria and UNIQA Austria celebrate 10 years of cooperation

"Strategic Investments in Insurance and Impact on the Albanian Economy", was named the meeting held at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the SIGAL Uniqa Group Austria in Albania. UNIQA Austria is the first European investor in the Albanian insurance market through SIGAL Uniqa Group in Albania. In 2007, UNIQA decided to buy part of SIGAL shares, thus becoming a key partner for SIGAL, but also an important factor for the insurance market in Albania and the region. Participating in this event were CEO of UNIQA International, Mr. Wolfgang KINDL, CEO of SIGAL UNIQA for Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, Mr. Avni PONARI, representatives of UNIQA from 19 European countries and leaders and representatives of Albanian state and financial institutions. SIGAL UNIQA is the largest insurance company in Albania, with branches in Kosovo and Macedonia. Since 2002, SIGAL is present in the Albanian insurance market, representing 30%. Despite the increase in the number of insurance companies, SIGAL has maintained its position as a market leader, thanks to better customer services, through products of interest offered to citizens and timely and proper payment of damages as per the law.


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